The direction of my tiny space on the internet has changed multiple times over the past year. I guess you could call it a learning curve or “finding my voice”. My writing continued but I ceased to share it. I’m not really sure why I couldn’t find the time or ambition to put it all together, except I know insecurity played a big part. How often has fear played a part in your choices? I will say, I have been getting better at pushing that fear aside and saying “yes” more often these days.

Currently “Chasing Jupiter” is simply an idea. It began with my first son. A life-changing moment that set in motion a number of other life-changing events. The name itself can even be credited to my son. His intensity when something peaked his interest was fascinating to watch and one of the first memories of his interests began with Jupiter. Yes, the planet. He had to know every detail at his young age. He wanted to memorize the moons of Jupiter, what it was made out of at a molecular level. He asked how fast it turned, how many days would equal a year, what color it was, how it came to be, and on and on. It sparked a passion that began before preschool. His interests came and went but when a single question sparked his curiosity a passion to know everything ignited. He chased knowledge in such a way I had never seen before. It was inspiring and igniting a spark in me that was forgotten long ago. The love of learning. The desire to chase after more for no other reason than to simply know. That is where “Chasing Jupiter” comes in.

This blog isn’t really about my children though and it’s certainly not about Jupiter (though Jupiter is an amazing planet to study). My children will of course have a part to play in my writing. How can they not? As a homeschool mom, my days revolve around my kids, as it should in this season of life. But they will have their own story to share someday and I’ll leave it to them to share it when and if they choose to do so. This blog is about mothering, parenthood, homeschooling, and simply experiencing life. A life that is finite and measured. Living in such a way to allow time to grow, change, learn, and love. All the while striving for a life of living in the present while preparing for the future without worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. This is where I am. Is this where you are too?

I hope these pages and posts ignite your own curiosity. I hope my words will spark a love of learning we were all born with but most of us lost somewhere along the way to adulthood. I hope you find encouragement, beauty, inspiration, and love throughout my words in this little corner of the internet. If not, please move on. Of course, I would love for you to stick around. I would love to share what I have learned and still have yet to learn, but let’s be honest life is too short, there is too much to see, and too much to experience in this life to spend time on something that does not inspire you. Start with a book or a blog that meets you where it’s needed most and begin there.

If that place happens to include this blog, welcome. I hope you stick around and introduce yourself. Connect with me here at Chasing Jupiter, on Instagram @chasing_jupiter, and facebook @chasingjupiterblog. I would love to get a chance to know you too.

In the meantime, thanks for sticking around until the end and I hope to connect with you soon.

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