If you have been around children any amount of time, you soon find out that they have questions about everything! And often each answer is followed by twenty more questions. My kids are no exception.

From my two-year-olds continuous “why’s” to my six-year-olds surprisingly detailed questions there never seems to be a break in their curiosity. I began recording some of Cohen’s questions about two months ago. I put them together and this is what I have so far.

How many of these can you answer? Answers such as “I don’t know”, “Because God made it that way”, or “it’s just science” doesn’t cut it here. I’ve already tried.


1. What is the highest and lowest number in the world? 
2. Why has no one come up with a number higher than a googol?
3. How did the scientists figure out how many hydrogen atoms there are in the world?
4. How does Ebola spread? What does it look like?
5. What elements are boogers made of?
6. How many houses are there in the world?
7. What do the germs look like under our nails?
8. How do we know an animal is extinct if we can’t see every part of the world all the time.
9. How many molecules make this chicken?
10. Why does my bum have a crack?
11. What happens to my blood if I get rabies?
12. If plants are alive and we eat lettuce, is it living or dead when we chew it?
13. What happens to your body if you don’t poop for thirty days?
14. How many cogs are in a car?
15. How many seconds is in twenty-four hours? Fifty-hours? One week?
16. How many days old are you? How many hours old are you?
17. How does your brain store information? And how do you find your memory when you need it?
18. How many hadron colliders are there in the world? How big is the biggest one?
19. Why did people decide to communicate by talking?
20. How many breaths do I need to take every day to keep my body working?
21. If we didn’t have teeth how would we eat?
22. What is the capital of Antarctica?
23. What elements are in your breath? If we collected our breath in a jar is it toxic?
24. Why can we see water waves and not sound waves?
25. What is the melting point of Iron? Mercury? Gold? Aluminum?

Still with us? My eyes glaze over at about lunchtime every day. At that point, I call a quiet time and we all take a breather. Usually, I send the kids outside, knowing full well he’ll be back in with a new stream of questions.

26. How many elements can you find in the house?
27. If there are twenty-six letters in the alphabets how many lines do you draw to make all the letters?
28. How do we know what the core of the earth looks like if we have never seen it?
29. How does a text get to one phone to another phone in a different country?
30. Does Santa use a nuclear reactor to fly his sleigh? Does he leave radiation behind?
31. What would happen if I took an electron out of an atom?
32. How do we know how old the earth is? Our galaxy? Bode’s galaxy? Hoag’s object?
33. If the earth has lead in it, why aren’t we poisoned every time we walk on the ground?
34. I read calcium chloride is found in canned tuna. Is it found in the tuna or the can?
35. How many microorganisms are there on this coin?
36. Can we collect all the vitamins and minerals our body needs and drink it instead of eating?
37. What happens if you put chlorine and beryllium together?
38. How do the wifi signals get to the phone and computer but not the couch or table?
39. If we are partly made up of oxygen why aren’t we flammable?
40. Why isn’t H2O flammable?
41. How many times does my heart beat in a day?
42. How many different kinds of coins are there in the world?
43. What’s inside your brain?
44. What’s inside your brain stem?
45. What’s inside the inside of your brain stem?
46. How long would it take the sun to burn the earth if we went out of orbit?
47. Why does the blender need to be plugged in to use but the phone does not?
48. If a light has a speed could your eyes see a flash of light before my eyes see?
49. How did people know what kind of fruit and vegetables were good to eat?
50. What is the molecular structure of snowflakes? 

Whew! Is it bedtime yet?

Ready for more? Check out the updated list here, for fifty more questions from my son.

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