If you’ve been following me for any length of time you might recall one of my first posts containing fifty questions asked by my six-year-old. Well, the questions never truly end, (as parents, we know this well) so I have compiled fifty more to share.

51. Why don’t lego men have ears?
52. Why did 7 eat 9?
53. If the queen bee lays all the eggs who laid the queen bee?
54. How many chickens are there in the world?
55. If there are infinite numbers does that mean there are infinite words too?
56. How long would it take to die on each planet?
57. Can I donate my body to science?
58. When did I hatch?
59. Why don’t chickens have teeth?
60. Can I can jump up and down and create teeny tiny gravitational waves?
61. If I get a lead box would it be safe to keep radium in my bedroom?
62. How many more times will I be sick before I’m eighty?
63. What is Higgs boson made out of?
64. Does everyone see colors differently? Is your green the same as my green?
65. Where did language come from and why do we speak English.
66. Can we buy deactivated uranium?
67. Where does power go when it runs out?
68. What happens if there was suddenly too much nitrogen in the air?
69. How many languages are there in the world?
70. Why do we speak English?
71. What is the rarest language in the world?
72. How do we know an animal is extinct if we have not been everywhere in the world?
73. What year did the tooth fairy start collecting teeth?
74. Why do we put up dead and fake trees in our house for Christmas?
75. Why was I born into this family and not another one in a different country?
76. How does the tooth fairy know when I have lost a tooth?
77. How do you say “Kick Me” in Bosnian?
78. Could I be having an existential crisis?
79. Where am I when I go to sleep?
80. How many ladders would I need to go to the moon?
81. How many days would it take me to walk around the world?
82. Is God a girl or a boy?
83. Will you build me my own kitchen in the basement when I grow up?
84. Why is my eyeball wet?
85. How does a caterpillar breath inside the cacoon?
86. Why is a moon a moon and not a planet?
87. Can I get a pet hamster for electrical experiments?
88. What is ethics?
89. Could we collect static electricity to power the house?
90. Are sounds louder to me than they are to you?
91. Mom, why don’t you work?
92. Could we go on a field trip to mine for dysprosium?
93. Can I extract my molybdenum from the dirt in the backyard?
94. How many different languages can my brain learn?
95. What if I can’t decide what country I want to live in when I grow up?
96. Why is there an Easter bunny instead of an Easter chicken?
97. Could I be allergic to people?
98. How does my brain know to wake me up in the morning?
99. How can I see things in my dream I’ve never seen before?
100. How many questions can we ask and answer in our life?

There you have it, fifty questions I never thought to ask, but my kid did.

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